Hakuba Cortina

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cortinaAt the north end of the valley, Hakuba Cortina Ski resort rises behind the imposing Bavarian-style Green Plaza Hotel with its criss-crossed black beamwork and large red roof. You will never lose your bearings while skiing here!

As the closest resort to the sea, Cortina regularly records the highest amount of snowfall in the valley. It doesn’t just snow at Cortina, it dumps! When Happo-One and Goryu up the valley will report 20cm of fresh snow, Cortina will probably receive about 50cm!

Not content with having the valley’s largest hotel and heaviest snowfall, Cortina is also famous for having the steepest pistes, one of which averages 36 degrees and touches 42 degrees in places. Above the hotel itself extends a long central beginner run. However, steep slopes rise to encircle this run, making the upper part essentially a huge bowl. This is why you may have heard about the resort in hushed tones.

The resort operates a self-responsibility code with resort visitors riding the trees at their own risk. At Hakuba Connect, we applaud this progressive approach, we love riding their terrain, and we urge all readers to respect the few rules they have. If they mark an area as out-of-bounds or closed, it will be for a reason.

For the more adventurous Cortina also has three gates to access the backcountry, though standard backcountry rules apply. For lunch, the mountain has five restaurants to choose from. Warabi dishes up large helpings to satisfy the hungriest of skiers and riders. Best known is the hotel’s ground floor restaurant where they give you a pizza base and let you pile on the toppings yourself to make your very own pizza. Kids will love it.cortidnnadata

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