Welcome to Hakuba!

Hakuba is a vibrant village known as both a world-class ski resorts and a mountaineering destination. Situated in Nagano prefecture, it is dominated by the incredible Northern Alps mountain chain peaking at the top of Mt. Shirouma (2,932m).
With these vast, jagged mountains towering over the town, the scenery here is arguably the most spectacular in Japan. The snow-capped peaks soar into the bright blue sky, ancient snow valleys sweep down towards the valley floor and rivers cascade through pine-covered hillsides.
The natural beauty of this valley is the main draw for those who love the outdoors whether skiers, mountaineers, hikers or sightseers. There is a real international feel here, not just from tourists but from individuals and families who have decided to settle here from all over the world. Come and find out why!


Hakuba in Winter

Hakuba in Summer