Dogs Love Hakuba Water

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When going on a vacation, no one likes to leave their family members behind! When planning a trip to Hakuba you don’t have to leave your dogs behind. There are endless dog-friendly activities and hikes to make for an adventure-filled getaway.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUP for short, is the fastest-growing water sport in the world. This is because it is relatively easy to learn and requires minimal equipment. Stand up paddleboarding is the perfect watersport to enjoy with your dog. Once you are both comfortable on the board you can paddle for hours, while cooling down with a quick dip in the cool Lake Aokiko’s water, just be careful when your dog jumps in.
You can even head out with our friends at Lion Adventure who will take you on a “raft picnic” with your dog! Again, taking a dip here is a great way to cool down. The water in the rivers and lakes is so clean that there is no need to wash your dog afterwards. They may end up cleaner than when they went in! Just put your hand in to check the temperature, especially in early summer. The rivers are fed by snowmelt, not just rain and can be colder than they may look!

The banks of the Matsukawa river between Happo and Iwatake are a wide playground with great mountain views. A lot of dogs and their owners seem to gather around this spot early in the morning, head over and
introduce yourself and your best friend.

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