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Injured on the Slopes

Assessing the severity of the injury is key. It’s always better to over-estimate the injury than under-estimate. Denial is not a river in Egypt and … Continued

Smooth Operators

When you roll off your last ski run and soak in that hot onsen bath, when the chairlifts and gondolas have come to their quiet … Continued

Best Places in Hakuba for Fall Colors

If you live close to Hakuba, or happen to be visiting in late September or early to mid-October, you’re in luck, because it offers some … Continued

Where is Hakuba?

An interesting question we usually get is “Where is Hakuba located, I mean we know it is in Nagano but where would a corresponding place … Continued

Mountainfilm on Tour 2019

If you’re a movie or outdoors enthusiast, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the MountainFilm on Tour in Hakuba on Sunday 22 September. … Continued

Lift Lines

During the week the lift lines at all of the Hakuba Valley’s resorts are virtually non-existent, well except for powder mornings where you will have … Continued

2019 FIS Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is not a sport exclusive to the winter months here in Hakuba as the resort gets ready to hold the FIS summer ski … Continued


Today, August 11th, is YAMA-NO-HI or Mountain Day.  The day was named as a national holiday in order for the public to get familiar … Continued

What is Hakuba Yosakoi?

Yosakoi is a type Japanese dance style which combines the basics of traditional Japanese dance and music with a variety of modern influences, and is … Continued

Climbing the Daisekkei

First of all what is the Daisekkei? Roughly translated the Daisekkei is a large snowy valley. Maybe a large snowy river gorge would be a … Continued

Cool down in Hakuba this Summer

Summer has hit the Hakuba Valley with temperatures soaring above 30ºC.  And even though the valley is high compared to the rest of Japan it … Continued

2019-2020 Season Passes

Buy your early bird season pass now while it’s CHEAP. Must be the best season pass in the world! It is hard to think of … Continued

Hakuba Mountain Beach

Soak up the incredible views of the Japanese northern alps while relaxing in a hot jacuzzi at 1400m The Mountain Beach opens tomorrow July 26th … Continued

Rainy Season Trail Running

Rainy Season Trail Running It’s early morning we have some free time, the sun is shining a rarity in this rainy season. It’s time to … Continued

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars It’s July 7th, it’s TANABATA MTBing. What is Tanabata? Tanabata, also know as Star Festival is akin to Japan’s Romeo & … Continued

Let’s Get Dirty

Let’s get Dirty With the World Cup Rugby coming to Japan in a few months time, Hakuba hosted its first tambo rugby tournament. Tambo is … Continued

On Mountain Dining

Skiing and riding on Hakuba’s 130km of trails, including all those powder stashes is sure to work up an appetite. There is something for every … Continued

What’s Hakuba Like in Summer?

What’s Hakuba like in the summer is one of the more common questions that seasoned locals are asked during winter. As the snow slowly recedes … Continued

Choosing the Right Ski or Snowboard Lesson!

One of the most important steps in booking your ski or snowboard lessons in the Hakuba Valley is knowing how to choose the right lesson … Continued

Mt. Karamatsu Hike

Imagine a hike that you could enjoy on a warm day but without overbearing heat that the Japan’s summers are famous for and at the … Continued