Whether you like fat tires or skinny ones, the Hakuba Valley has plenty of opportunities for two wheeled adventures or just a lazy ride around the streets. The valley is bike friendly, so either bring your own or rent, grab a map and away you go.

The Three Lakes Route

At the southern end of the valley in neighboring Omachi, you will find the three lakes of Lake Aokiko, Lake Nakatsuna and Lake Kizakiko. The road out of Hakuba has a little climb that will get the heart rate up, after that is a sweet ride around the lakes. Be careful on the northern side of lake Aokiko, the road becomes narrow with some light traffic usually coming the other way. The course is about 40km long.

Tsugaike Hill Climb

This route is not for beginners. The route starts out at Hakuba-Oike station on route 148. It is a grueling 9 percent grade road climb and is popular for cycling die-hards. The route is 17km up and then a free wheeling 17km down.

The pros can do it in under one hour, but realistically give yourself at least two or more!