Snow Shoeing

A leisurely activity where one can really venture off the beaten paths is snowshoeing.

Nothing compares to walking through deep fresh snow in a winter forest with snowshoes on. Without too much work, snowshoers can get into magnificent old growth forests and sub-alpine plateaus with fantastic panoramic views of the Northern Alps. Snowshoeing is great for families, couples and people all ages and is a nice change from the busy resorts. To make the most of your time it is recommended to sign up for a guided tour with Evergreen’s snowshoe guides. Professional guides to give you tips on your technique on the trails, teaching you about the local wildlife and showing you the beauty of the mountains you’ll have some great photos as well as some wonderful winter holiday memories.



The temple also contains a statue of Binzuru, a physician who was said to be Buddha’s follower. Rubbing the statue is said to cure you of your aches and pains – the spot you rub should correspond to the area that needs healing. A perfect way to finish off the day and ensure that you’re primed for your next big day on the mountain! You’ll be back in Hakuba in time for dinner and an early night if you want to make first tracks the next day.

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