There are a number of take-off areas at the ski resorts where you can soar high above the valley floor strapped to an experienced pilot. Enjoy a birds eye view of the breath taking scenery below.

A flight with a paraglider is made possible by the updrafts in the mountains, caused by the action of solar radiation (thermal). During the flight phase, the pilot will fly in circles, always looking for favourable thermals, guaranteeing a continuing flight experience. With the support of the updrafts, the flight phase can be drawn out. Under certain circumstances, in calm air conditions, it might be possible to take pictures. Before the landing, the glider pilot will briefly explain the procedure. As a general rule, during the landing phase you will move slightly forward in your seat and get ready to run. Before the touch-down, the glider pilot will slow down, and once you feel the ground under your feet, you will start running. A few meters behind you, the glider will drop to the ground and you have landed, the glider will drop to the ground and you have landed safely.

  • You have to run in order to take-off.
  • Weight limit: 30 – 90 kg.
  • Airtime: 10-15 min, depending on weather conditions
  • Time required : 1 hour to 1 and a half hours.
  • Bring with you: Warm clothes (according to weather) and sturdy shoes.
  • Bring a camera at your own risk.

with Happo Sky Blue Paragliding School

with Tsugaike Paragliding School

with Lion Adventure

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