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Hakuba meetings combine business with serious pleasure. Take bored out of the boardroom and inject some fun into your Hakuba meeting.

Inspiration needs to come from more than just the boardroom. Open your minds and interact with one another on a whole new level. Create lasting memories while you engage your team in mental, physical and creative challenges at their desired levels of adventure.

  1. Inspiring Destination

Showcasing a unique setting in the Japanese Northern Alps. A truly authentic backdrop which will challenge attendees to reach their full potential.

  1. Facilities

No matter how large your group, there is a meeting space available. From beautiful hotel properties to state of the art Olympic Convention complex.

  1. Activities

Year round there is an activity for every level of adventure – all of which can be customized to ensure clients have an outstanding unique experience. Rewarding experiences create rewarding meetings.

  1. Open Air

When you choose Hakuba for your meeting or conference, you will have the space and alpine mountain scenery that will provide a memorable experience.

  1. Team Building

Develop creative problem solving and improve team communications with fun and positive team building interactions.

  1. Access

Hakuba is only three and half hours from central Tokyo, but a world apart with such fabulous mountain scenery. Professional and safe transportation companies can make it easier for meetings planners as well as attendees.

  1. Accommodation

From luxury hotel suites to private chalets, Hakuba has a range of hotels and private lodges to suit all budgets and tastes.

  1. Dining

Attendees can relish on fresh local fare from across Nagano. Give your group food that is as delicious as the mountain views. Rent out private rooms or entire restaurants.

  1. Spouse Programs

Don’t leave your loved ones at home. Hakuba offers a wide variety of activities for spouses and guests of visiting attendees. Indulge in some luxurious aromatherapy, massages, yoga or take a stroll around the local art galleries.

  1. Natural Hot Springs

Lastly don’t forget the abundant natural hot springs found throughout Hakuba.  Let the minerals ease away both the mental and physical tiredness. Refresh and rejuvenate attendees for the next day’s adventures.

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