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coffeeHakuba has always had a laid back culture a relaxed atmosphere due to the ski and snowboard culture that is prominent in the lifestyle of the people who live and visit. A soon as you enter the hakuba valley there is a sense of space and realness that other places in Japan lack.
Because of this attitude and well locals in Hakuba seem to have a lot more time on their hands, several coffee shops have popped up on the radar in recent years. Hakuba Connect staff where delighted to search for the best.

You can’t talk about the coffee scene in Hakuba without first mentioning Sounds Like Café. This gem of place located towards the top of the main Echoland Street offers great tasting coffee matched by excellent gourmet breakfasts and lunches. Today we luckily chose the eggs Benedict, luckily because the
If you are there for lunch, make sure you try out one of owner Kaz’s Chicken Burgers. We honestly believe that these must be the largest chicken burgers in the whole of Japan.

Next on our café crawl was Lion Café bar opposites the Lawson convenience store at the Happo one traffic lights on Olympic Road. Here we enjoyed excellent coffee topped with a delicious hot chocolate cake. During the winter months Lion café bar will offer daily soup.

If you are at Happo-one then a trip up the Happo-one gondola on the cards to the aptly named Bakery Café. The staff have been very clever here, to order you must walk pass deliciously looking freshly baked goodies that no one can resist. the cappuccinos are delightfully complimented with cinnamon rolls. Don’t be too worried about eating too many calories, you can always burn them off skiing or boarding down the mountain.

While you are on Happo-one why no check out Pilar Café top of the Alpen Quad lift. Looking down the mountain, Pilar must have the best views in Hakuba. The hot chocolate is very special here. It will keep you warm as you step out into the cold air at 1680m

Bamboo Café Bar is located at the main Hakuba Train Station. It’s a great place to not only enjoy good coffee but to also relax while you are waiting for your train. Wi-Fi and lattes do go well together.

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