Cool down in Hakuba this Summer

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Summer has hit the Hakuba Valley with temperatures soaring above 30ºC.  And even though the valley is high compared to the rest of Japan it still tends to be hot and humid.

In the middle of a heatwave in the Hakuba Valley you have two friends: Water & Altitude. Here is a quick rundown on some of the more refreshing activities to try on these stifling hot days.

To escape the heat go high.  Take one of the mountain resorts’ gondolas or chairlifts to a higher altitude where you will be surprised how much cooler it will seem. Beware there is not much shade so take precaution with sun cream.  One of our favorites is Tsugaike Nature Park. Take a stroll around the park, stopping off at a mountain stream to further cool down. After a stroll make sure you sample on the soft creams available.

Another great way to cool down in in Lake Aokiko, It is a great place to swim, fish or just chill out in the shade. The lake offers a wide range of activities including stand-up paddle boarding and inflatable rafts for a rafting picnic.  Lion Adventure

Those of you still struggling to cool down then canyoning maybe for you.  Slide down natural waterfalls and jump in rock pools on the fast flowing snowy meltwaters. You will feel not only refreshed but also thrilled! Evergreen Outdoor Center

For more things to do in Hakuba this summer, check out our activities guide.