Fat Bike Time

The easiest, most accessible area to ride on a fat bike is along the three main rivers of Hakuba. Although the Hakuba Valley is home to numerous biking trails in the summer, not all trails accommodate fat bikes, so be sure you’re in an appropriate spot.

You can do a loop on the three main rivers of Hakuba for about a total of ten kilometers. While ten kilometers may not sound like much in mountain bike terms, fat biking is a different beast and a greatly more difficult workout

You can start this ride from wherever your closet access to one of the main Hakuba’s rivers. We choose to start our ride from Echoland which if you then ride directly south you will come to the Hirakawa River.  It is downhill from here , pass under the Olympic Road bridge until you hit the 148 National Road.

As you cross over the road you will come to the Green Sports Park sometimes called Green Sports Forest. It is Hakuba’s largest park with camping, tennis courts, BBQ areas, slides, fishing and “interesting” cycles.

Exit the park at the bottom end and cross over the suspension bridge to the east side of the Himekawa River.  This is slightly downhill all the way until pass beneath the large Highland Hotel. For those who like to onsen, the Tenjin “Heaven” Onsen is renowned as one of the best ones in Hakuba, with probably the best views as well.

It is a slightly uphill as you a small cemetery and then down pass the fish farm, where they farm salmon fish and then over to Oide suspension bridge. There is a ice cream shop on south side of the bridge for those who are feeling hot, don’t worry about the calories, you can burn them off on the upcoming uphill climb!

Follow the river until you come to the quarry of Hakuba, noticeable by the mounds of stone and rocks. Take a left here and make your way up the road to the traffic lights at the top. Turn left over the river and then ride the banks of the Matsukawa River on the south side. Be warned it is a long but steady climb to the next bridge where you will turn off and make your way through Happo Village and back to Echoland.

What to bring:

Water to drink on those hot days.

A towel in case you want a dip in the river.

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