What is Hakuba Yosakoi?

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Yosakoi is a type Japanese dance style which combines the basics of traditional Japanese dance and music with a variety of modern influences, and is usually performed at a number of festivals throughout Japan during the hot summer months.

If you have never seen Yosakoi before, then get down to the Hakuba main train station on August 15th where you can expect to see an energetic dance with a traditional Japanese influence.

The name “Yosakoi” is often said to mean “come tonight” and is taken from the traditional Japanese folk song Yosakoi Bushi. However, nowadays when hearing the word “Yosakoi” most people would not take it to mean anything other than the type of vigorous summer dancing.

Teams typically design their own dance costumes, which are usually colorful and draw upon the influences of typical Japanese summer yukata, a type of kimono.

Expect to find local outdoor gourmet food stalls. Dancing gets underway at 6pm and lasts to about 9pm when everyone is welcome to dance the “Hakuba Dance”

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