Hakuba Mountain Beach

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Soak up the incredible views of the Japanese northern alps while relaxing in a hot jacuzzi at 1400m

The Mountain Beach opens tomorrow July 26th and Hakuba Connect had first peaks (sorry about the pun). The Beach is located on top of the Adam Gondola at Happo-one.

Maybe the first of its kind in not only japan but in the world, Happo-one have brought the beach vibes to a ski resort. Visitors are able to sit back and relax on the recliners and hammocks while sipping cocktails and Corona beer under beach parasols on the slopes where not long before Olympic skiers were hurtling down.

The beach is equipped with not only spectacular views, but some great tasting food including locally bred pulled pork burgers.

There is a sperate area for soaking with both ladies and gentlemen’s cold baths as well as large mixed jacuzzi. For the more adventurous, Happo have recycled two of its gondolas into saunas.  The saunas fit four comfortably with one being steam and the other dry. Sweat it out in the gondolas before plunging into one of the cold baths.

Entry to the Mountain Beach, is by taking the Adam Gondola and  costs 1780 yen for adults and 950 yen for children.

The Mountain Beach is scheduled to be open during the winter season. Watch this space.

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